Chichibu Toda-ha Buko-ryu & Tenshin Buko-ryu

Toda-ha Buko-ryu was transmitted in the Chichibu region by the Sakai family, along with Tenshin Buko-ryu, possibly a creation of Suneya Ryosuke.  They abandoned both ryu, apparently in the early Showa period, maintaining their training in Kogen Itto-ryu.

Sakai Umata Sadaaki

Sadaaki was a student of Suneya Ryosuke.  He became a shihan of Kogen Itto-ryu, Tenshin Buko-ryu and Toda-ha Buko-ryu.  He functioned as shihan-dai (assistant instructor) to Suneya Ryosuke at the Yotsuya dojo.  He joined the Shōgitai (彰義隊, lit. “League to Demonstrate Righteousness”), managing to escape back to Chichibu after they were decimated in the Battle of Ueno.

Sakai Kitaro Takemasa

Takemasa was a shihan of Kogen Itto-ryu, Tenshin Buko-ryu, Toda-ha Buko-ryu, as well as a rokudan in kendo.  He resided in Fujikura-mura.

Sakai Shiota Hideki

Hideki was a shihan of Kogen Itto-ryu, Tenshin Buko-ryu, a kendo nanadan, Iaido rokudan, a jukendo rokudan, and judo sandan.  He was a renshi with the Nippon Butokukai.

Tenshin Buko-ryu Kenjutsu

The nature of Tenshin Buko-ryu Kenjutsu is unclear.  It is briefly noted in the Bugei Ryuha Dai Jiten.  We can only speculate on the nature of this school.

  • It was possibly a complete kenjutsu curriculum
  • It is possible that Suneya, at least at one point, merely renamed Kogen Itto-ryu, because he was teaching under his own authority.  This would not seem to be necessary, however, as the Henmi’s, although maintaining a lineal succession, licensed other shihan and supported these connected-but-independent dojo.
  • It was an adjunct to Toda-ha Buko-ryu, similar to the development of Komochi-ryu by this writer, as an adjunct practice of sword for Toda-ha Buko-ryu

Known lineage of Tenshin Buko-ryu

1)  Suneya Ryosuke Takeyuki Bukosai

2) Sakai Umata Sadaaki taught four shihan

  • Sakai Kitaro Takesada who taught Sakai Shiota Hideki (author of a book on Kogen Itto-ryu)
  • Sakuma Ryutaro
  • Takahashi Mitsugoro Katsuyuki, who taught Takahashi __________
  • Nakamura  Moriyoshi (?), who taught Nakamura _____________