Tenshin Buko-ryu Kenjutsu

This school is quite a mystery.  Watatani Kyoshi lists it in his BRDJ, and in various documents, Suneya Ryosuke is described as a shihan of Toda-ha Buko-ryu, Kogen Itto-ryu and Tenshin Buko-ryu kenjutsu.

That the name has the appellation Tenshin is significant, as this denotes that the ryu is bequeathed by kami.  Still, we have no idea if this was an entirely new system of kenjutsu, or Suneya’s attempt to differentiate his version of Kogen Itto-ryu from that of others.

In the BRDJ, Henmi Tashiro is listed as the founder, with Suneya Ryosuke Bukosai listed as the second generation.  Along with the other two aforementioned ryu, Suneya passed Tenshin Buko-ryu on to Sakai Umata Sadaaki, who taught four men:

1) Sakai (Kitaro?) Takesada, who taught Sakai Shiota

2) Sakuma Ryutaro

3) Takahashi Mitsugoro Kazuyuki, who taught Takahashi X

4) Nakamura Moriyoshi who taught Nakamura X

Whatever it might have been, Tenshin Buko-ryu kenjutsu was extant into the Showa period.  We had never seen an actual document of the ryu.