How Can UK Home Decor Brands Leverage Instagram Shopping Features?

April 22, 2024

In the digital age where social media has become a potent tool in commerce, businesses are increasingly exploring ways to reach a wider audience and enhance their brand visibility. One such platform that has caught the attention of brands and businesses alike is Instagram. With its rising popularity, Instagram has transformed from just a photo-sharing app to an influential social commerce platform.

Particularly, UK home decor brands can benefit tremendously by leveraging Instagram shopping features. Through the intelligent use of Instagram’s shopping features, brands can effectively showcase their products, engage with their customers, and boost their business outcomes. In this article, we shall delve into how UK home decor brands can effectively utilise Instagram’s shopping features to their advantage.

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Harnessing the Power of Instagram Posts

The first step in leveraging Instagram’s shopping features is understanding the power of Instagram posts. For any home decor brand, posts are the primary medium through which they can display their products. In fact, Instagram allows businesses to tag products in their posts, turning them into virtual shop windows.

Each tagged post acts as a shopable post, enabling users to click on the product, view its details, and be directed to the website where they can make a purchase. The ease of this process enhances the shopping experience, making it more likely for users to convert into customers.

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Integrating Instagram with Facebook Shops

Integration with Facebook Shops is another feature that UK home decor brands can leverage. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has created a unified shopping experience across both platforms.

By setting up a Facebook Shop, brands can import their product catalogue to their Instagram account. This allows products to be featured not just in posts, but also in stories and the explore section. The integration ensures a wider reach and visibility for the brand’s products. Moreover, it provides a consistent shopping experience for users across both platforms, fostering trust and reliability.

Utilising Instagram Stories for Product Promotion

Instagram Stories is another feature that home decor brands can utilise for product promotion. Stories are short-term posts that disappear after 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity among users.

Brands can use stories to announce new product launches, offer limited-time discounts, or conduct interactive polls and quizzes. They can also tag products in their stories, allowing users to tap on the product and be directed to the purchase page. The ephemeral nature of stories makes them an exciting and engaging tool for promoting products and driving sales.

Exploiting Instagram’s Explore Section

The Explore section on Instagram is where users discover new content that aligns with their interests. For UK home decor brands, this feature opens up an avenue to reach potential customers who may not be following their account.

By ensuring their content is engaging and relevant, brands can increase their chances of appearing on the Explore section. They can tag their products in these posts, enabling users to shop directly from the Explore section. With the right content strategy, this feature can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility and customer base.

Engaging Users with Instagram Shopping Ads

Lastly, Instagram Shopping Ads is a powerful tool that UK home decor brands can utilise. Shopping Ads enable brands to promote their products to targeted audiences beyond their followers.

Brands can select which of their shopable posts they want to promote as ads. These ads appear on users’ feeds and the Explore section, with a ‘Shop Now’ button that directs users to the brand’s product page. This feature allows brands to reach a wider audience, increase their product visibility, and boost their sales.

In conclusion, Instagram’s shopping features offer a myriad of opportunities for UK home decor brands to showcase their products, engage with their audience, and enhance their business outcomes. By harnessing these features effectively, brands can transform their Instagram account into a thriving online shop, driving their social commerce success.

Optimising Instagram Live Shopping

An exciting feature that has recently been introduced is Instagram Live Shopping. This feature allows UK home decor brands to host live sessions where they can showcase and sell their products in real time. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to create a dynamic and interactive shopping experience for their Instagram users.

During a live session, brands can feature selected products at the bottom of the screen. Viewers can then tap on these products to learn more about them and make a purchase without leaving the live session. This seamless integration of shopping within the live session not only makes it convenient for users to shop, but also enhances their engagement with the brand.

Moreover, brands can invite guests, such as influencers or industry experts, to join their live session. This not only enriches the content of the live session, but also helps to attract a larger audience. Not to forget, having guests can also promote varied perspectives about the home decor products, which can influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

In addition to selling products, brands can use live sessions to provide valuable content related to home decor. For instance, they could share home decor tips, conduct DIY tutorials, or discuss latest industry trends. Such content not only positions the brand as a reliable source of information in the home decor space, but also fosters a stronger connection with the audience.

Effectively utilising Instagram Live Shopping can not only boost product sales, but also enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

Creating a Cohesive Shopping Experience with Instagram Guides

Another Instagram feature that can be harnessed by UK home decor brands is Instagram Guides. This feature allows brands to create a curated collection of their Instagram posts, products or places, which can be shared with their followers.

Brands can create a product guide to showcase a collection of their best-selling or new home decor items. Each product featured in the guide can be tagged, allowing users to click on these products and be directed to the purchase page.

Brands can also create post guides, where they can collate their best posts related to a specific theme. For example, a ‘Living Room Decor Ideas’ guide can include posts showcasing different ways to decorate a living room using the brand’s products. Such guides not only help to display the brand’s products in a more organised and attractive way, but also provide valuable ideas and tips to users.

Instagram Guides can be shared not just on the brand’s Instagram page, but also across stories and through direct messages. They can even be featured on the brand’s website or blog, enhancing the brand’s social commerce strategy.

In essence, Instagram Guides can help UK home decor brands to create a more cohesive and enriching shopping experience for their users.


With the ever-increasing popularity and influence of social media, the future of commerce is undeniably going digital. Particularly for UK home decor brands, Instagram’s shopping features present a wealth of opportunities to showcase their products, engage with their audience, and boost their sales.

From harnessing the power of shoppable posts and Instagram stories, to exploiting the Explore section and engaging with Shopping Ads, there is a multitude of ways brands can leverage these features. The newer features of Instagram Live Shopping and Guides further enhance the shopping experience, making Instagram a one-stop platform for social shopping.

By effectively utilising these features, home decor brands can not only transform their Instagram business account into a thriving online shop, but also establish a stronger connection with their customers. It is truly an exciting new era for social commerce, where businesses can reach and engage with their audience on a much deeper level.